Thursday, January 16, 2014

Aubie & Minkster

Aubrey was so excited to become a BIG sister.
Then Mina arrived.
And she hit, pinched, stole toys and attention.
Aubrey's life was turned upside down.
Mina's life was turned upside down.
My days were filled constantly calming two girls screaming at each other and refraining one of them from causing physical harm.

Adoption is a beautiful thing, but it can get ugly at times...

As I'm typing this post (11 months later), both girls are in the playroom downstairs.
They've been there a good 20 minutes.
I hear laughing.
I hear one pretending to be a cat.
I hear meowing.
More laughing.
A random knock-knock joke.
They are both cackling (even though the joke made no sense whatsoever).

Aubrey just ran upstairs and grabbed both their thermos cups because "kitties need their milk!"

Aubrey started praying, "Dear God, please help me get along better with Mina..." once we moved to Cleveland.

Relocating to a new city without friends or family nearby has truly been the greatest blessing.
It forced helped these two strangers become sisters.
And -- dare I say -- friends?

I rarely have to intervene while they're playing together.

Aubrey even gets antsy when Mina is napping.
"Is she ever going to wake up?!"
She misses her little sidekick.
She calls her Minkster, by the way.
The first word out of Mina's mouth when she wakes up from her nap: "Aubie?"

Of course it's not sibling BFFs all the time, but I'm noticing this sweetness is not so rare anymore.
This little photo collage below illustrates how far they've really come.
(We moved the bouncy house to the basement to help get us through the winter months.)
Mina accidentally crashed into Aubrey's head while they were bouncing away.
A few months ago this would have resulted in a major meltdown from Aubrey, but now it's just a few tears (because it did hurt, after all). Aubrey knows it was just an accident, and she's quick to except Mina's, "sowy Aubie!" After wiping away the tears, she even asked me to take their picture together.

And hanging on Mina's closet door: the pièce de résistance of sisterhood...

Aubrey calls it: "Aubie and Minkster".
I call it: "Answered Prayer".


  1. Oh my! I love those 2 crazy girls. How cool to see the Lord working on Aubrey's heart and answering her prayers (and yours!) :) I pray one day they know the true joy of friendship that is found in being sisters- it's the best ever! Love you!!

  2. Love that Aubie and Minkster! Give them big hugs from us!