Sunday, February 2, 2014

Christmas, Part 2 / Chinese New Year

Grammy and Pop Pop came to visit exactly one month after Christmas.
So we celebrated again!

To get us all in the mood, we started the first day of their visit by going to The Christmas Story house.
I have been dying to go, but Daniel has had ZERO interest.
Whether you like the movie or not, you have to admit it's a Christmas icon.
I mean, you can't tell me you've never used any of the following:
You'll shoot your eye out!
The Triple Dog Dare...
Fragile (Fra-GEE-lay)
I can't put my arms down!
FUDGE! (the F-Dash-Dash-Dash word)
And everybody knows about the leg lamp...

The house and tour was everything I hoped it would be. 
It was even snowing, which gave it a nice, nostalgic vibe. 

That evening, the girls shimmied into their jammies and opened up a copious amount of gifts.
No BB guns or pink nightmare bunny pajamas though... ;)

The next day, Mina and I were supposed to have our first Mommy and Me class.
We decided to skip it. (Shhhh!)
We went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame instead.
Totally worth it.
The museum was awesome -- stage / performance costumes, handwritten song lyrics, album covers, band members signature guitars/pianos/drums/ etc., memorabilia from groups ranging from Nirvana, The Supremes, The Beatles, ZZ Top, ELVIS, the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and more. It was all pretty impressive.

The last couple of days it snowed non-stop so we stayed snuggled up indoors enjoying all the new Christmas loot:
Playing Guess Who, watching 3D movies, and reading books...
On the last night, we celebrated Chinese New Year!
Dumplings are Mina's favorite. Fried Rice is Aubrey's favorite.
And these two are MY favorite. I could seriously eat them up...

Each year I plan on making a new Chinese dish with Mina. This year she wasn't too interested in helping, but I hope as she grows older she'll like doing it. Wonton Soup was the dish this year. It was even featured in my friend, Brandi's, Soup virtual potluck!

I am trying to learn all I can about things like Chinese New Year traditions, but more often than not I feel like I am doing it all wrong. For instance, I couldn't find my other gold napkin so I used a black one. Apparently black is the biggest no-no color on CNY (Chinese New Year) because it represents death. I also got Mina some silk Chinese shoes as a CNY gift, but apparently that's one gift you shouldn't give. Oh well, I'll keep trying and learning and maybe one year I'll get it right!

I know some adoptive families choose not to acknowledge their child's birth country, and that's completely their choice. I find that I think about Mina's birth family even more when we celebrate Chinese holidays. Perhaps that's another reason adoptive families shy away from things like this? It bubbles up lots of emotions, and I'm sure as Mina grows up things like this will spur some hard questions. It gets us all wondering about things we don't have answers to.

So even though we are separated by thousands of miles, anonymity, and unanswered questions -- I take comfort in knowing that (for at least one day) we're all celebrating together.


  1. Love your heart and desire to celebrate Mina and all that she is! You are one amazing woman and mama! If a sister can ever hook up you with some Chinese New Year goodies - just let me know! Love you! - Katie B.

  2. Mina is so awesome! I just love being able to keep up with your sweet little family! Happy Chinese New Year!