Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Home Kentucky Home

We have officially moved in!

And thanks to a sweet new neighbor who brought over that gorgeous bunch of blue hydrangeas, it's feeling more and more like home every day.


  1. Welcome to the bluegrass state!!!! We are also adopting, maybe we can get our girls together one day!

  2. Ohhh...Aunt Mel likes what she sees so far!! So excited you are ONLY 2 hours away! We're practically neighbors compared to the past decade :)

  3. So glad you're home!! I do hope you will share your new home with us along the way. I really am going to come for a visit one day. It seems like it was just yesterday that you sat right behind me in our little "boxes" and you've been from nearly one coast to the other and back. I'm so glad all of that is over and you are back to your southern roots again. Woohoo!!!
    Hugs from the Ham............